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    Name: Author: Version: Gamemod: Download: Please Respect Model or you will be Warned x3 Banned.
  3. Who Opened Currently Forum: @Skyness @arrow Who helped in buit forum in (categories, ranks , plugins etc..) : @Skyness What is the Administrative ranks: Founders When the forum has open: 5 august 2023 What is the area that is controlled from on the forum: It is called ACP , from it we control that website. Who can access to AdminCP: Only Founders. What is the access for Administrators in AdminCP: Semi-Restricted Acccess. What is the access for Founders in AdminCP: Full access. What is the benefits from this forum: Communications & Entertainment and Servers. What is the games that have servers here: CS 1.6 / CS:GO / SAMP / MINECRAFT. What can Moderators access: Moderation actions in certain areas within the forum , such as lock , hide , move topic. What is ModeratorCP : That's a moderation area which the staff can moderate the forum from it.
  4. For a better development of sales, exchanges or purchase, please use the following model: Model post sale: ø Method of contact (TS3 / Steam) : ø Item(s) on sale: ø Price of the product(s): ø Product photo(s): ø Payment method: ø Other specifications: Model Post purchase: ø Product name: ø Mode purchase (Paypal or SMS): ø Amount (the maximum price you want to purchase the product): Model post exchanges: ø Produce name: ø Design: ø Value: ø Produce desired: ø Product details: ø Contact: ø Images:
  5. Rules [EN] - If you are going to apply and then, in less than two weeks, you leave the community, the owner or owners of that server will be suspended for 180 days. - Activity on TeamSpeak is mandatory, we do not accept without activity on teamspeak as well, unless they are old Global Offensive servers that have discord. - Request that does not follow the displayed pattern will be rejected in due course by an Administrator. - You have 14 days to fix your server and start populating it, or we have to delete the server from this community. - We want servers that have at least 10 players per server, not empty servers to be filler. Model Request DNS: Your name: Server IP: DNS: Game type (CS:GO, CS 1.6, SAMP): Server Mode: Number of slots: Hosting company: Principal Owners (forum names): Secondary Owners (forum name): Link GameTracker.com: Contact address (discord, facebook, steam): Recommended by (name of the person who recommended the forum to you): By joining the SHARKS ALGERIA Community, you will benefit from the following: DNS: NAME.SHARKS.RO Response to the affiliation request within 24 hours Active DNS IMMEDIATELY after accepting the affiliation request A section is created on the Online Public Servers Forum for your CS 1.6, CS:GO, SA:MP, etc. server. The rank of Server Manager and moderation access on the server section is added up to a maximum of 6 people per server Fast support for any forum category changes Technical support for servers at least one month old Permanent channel on the community's TeamSpeak address with up to a maximum of 5 sub-channels
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