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  • 1. Username/avatar

1.1  It must be different from the persons who belong to the administrative team of the forum.

1.2 It's forbidden to use any other font on your name. The only default font is allowed.

1.3 The registration of several accounts is punished by removing or demoting your rank in this community.


  • 2 Opening a new topic (thread)

2.1 Make sure you are in the right category before opening a new topic.

2.2 Use 'Search' before opening a topic as there may already be a topic containing the same subject.

2.3 You must lock the topics when 24 hours already passed according to each rule of their project.


  • 3. Language

3.1 Using vulgar language itself brings permanent removal rank on your account.

3.2 We do not accept any kind of fight between any registered member of staff members in this forum or discord server. Any fight/argument between staff members or with members will cause you to demote/suspend or remove from your rank.

3.3 Disrespecting higher staff or members will cause you to remove your rank permanently.

3.4 Insults with racist remarks are punished with a permanent ban or removal of their rank.

3.5 Any kind of racism is not allowed that will lead to getting blacklist

3.6 These sanctions are applied as well in private messages (PM) on the forum


  • 4. Report

4.1 If you want to report an argument, you must tell any online Administrator/Founders on the discord server or Private Message in the community.

4.2 Before solving reports, you must read the rules carefully and if you don't understand the language, tell someone who knows that language.


  • 5. Rules for each section

5.1 Some sections of the forum are governed by separate local rules. We recommend a careful reading of the rules to ensure that you will not be sanctioned.


  • 6. Posting Rules

6.1 Off-topic/post-hunt/spam
6.1.1 Off-topic post is not related to the subject of the topic. This kind of post is not allowed.
6.1.2 Post-hunt refers to the posts that have the base on their amount and not on the meaning. Posts that contain non-sense text or "generic" answers are considered post-hunt.
6.2 You must follow and respect each project section's rules. We recommend you read all of them carefully before posting and beware of double-posting.

6.3 Only Administrators/Founders of the community are allowed to post or edit the "News and Updates" section. If you are Supervisor, you must get permission from higher staff members.

6.4 Any kind of spamming or double-posting is not allowed which might cause you to get demoted/removed.


  • 7. Unbanning Rules

7.1 You are not allowed to make unban request if you advertised other communities or any kind of racism

7.2 You are only allowed to make unban request if your ban reason is not very serious

7.3 You are allowed to make another request after 2 weeks since your last request if rejected

7.4 You will be blacklisted/permanently banned if you do anything against our community guidelines after your 1st unban. Which means there is no 3rd chance.


  • 8. Others

8.1 Before giving a warning to any staff member, you must warn them using a private message. Don't make any public conversation about that.

8.1.1 Only Administrators/Founders/Supervisors are allowed to warn of any staff members if needed.

8.1.2 You must have decent proof to prove that staff members actually broke the rule!


8.2 Requesting any kind of upgrade in the community is forbidden which might cause you for downgrade or remove your rank.

8.2.1 This rule doesn't apply to private servers unless you ask the owner using spam.


8.3 Doesn't post more than 3 days without noticing us or making an absent request will cause you for downgrade or remove your rank.

8.4 Jokes between staff members are allowed but don't use any swear words!

8.5 You must talk to everyone with respect!

8.6 Exchanging reputation or emojis is not allowed!



Breaking these rules is punished depending on each case with a warning/suspension depending on the time and if the member has made more active violations.
In any other unexpected situation which is not written in the rules, the conduct of the community has the final saying.
Rules may suffer modifications in time, we recommend rereading the rules periodically.


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